Gladstone Medical Centre

Gladstone Medical Centre, 5 Dollis Hill Lane, London, NW2 6JH

TelTelephone: 020 8102 9108

Out of hours: 111

Private Services List and Fees

We offer a number of Non-NHS services to our patients or in other words there are a number of services that are run from these premises that are offered on a Private basis. They are not part of the NHS, so fees are usually payable.


Gladstone Medical Centre





Letter type
Statement of Fact 30
To Whom It May Concern 40
Fit to Fly 40
Absence from School through Illness 20
Private Sickness Certificate 40
Freedom From Infection 50
Health Club 50
Travel Vaccines
Hepatitis A 60
Hepatitis B 60
Yellow fever 60
Meningitis AC&WY (for travel) 60
Meningitis B 60
Passport 50
Accident or Sickness Insurance 60
Medical Insurance Claim Form 60
Report on Form with no examination 50
Written Report with Medical Opinion 70 – 200
Report with Medical Examination 100 – 200
Taxi and Bus Medical Examination 110
Extraction Medical Records 50 -200







Practice Information

Gladstone Medical Centre

Gladstone Medical Centre, 5 Dollis Hill Lane, London, NW2 6JH

Practice Opening hours

The practice is open during the following times:


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Welcome To Our New Website

Our new website has been designed to make it easy for patients of this Practice to: Get answers to their questions. Quickly access the right help and advice for their needs.

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